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Industry Specific Solutions

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Beauty and Personal Care

Today’s changing world, Beauty and Personal care trends, fashions are keep on fluctuating and to stay successful in this field, you need to across new launches, trends and innovations which are the major driving force while taking a purchase decision. True Code Beauty and Personal Care gives our specialist team to dig deeper, look further and think harder in search of the space and unseen opportunities you need to really succeed. True Code Beauty & Personal Care help the organizations to develop the products of tomorrow by bring together data, insight and recommendations.

Food and Drink

Food and Drink is one of major area True Code focuses on. True Code follows a strategy that make us stay updated with trends, innovations, and cultural changes which is the major factor that shape an organizations growth and development. People always look for new taste, new flavors and new opportunities and True Code provides an extensive collection of research service in food and drink field and make organization to keep updated with current as well as future opportunities.


True Code Household include areas like washing to cleaning, showering to shaving and medication to vitamins where trends, fashions are keep on fluctuating and to stay successful in this field, you need to know about new trends and innovations. Data is very important for any product launch as well as product development. True Code helps the organizations to collect the data that saves your time and money in understanding the customer perception and needs which important in planning and development.


True Code offers a collection of research services for pharmaceutical sector clients by combining technological and economic factor to make pharmaceutical sector more competitive and cost sensitive. We help pharmaceutical clients for having a better understanding about the customer needs.

Hotels and Tourism

True Code Hotels and Tourism area provide your way in your travel and tourism as a guide. True Code helps the organizations to discover the emerging destinations, the new formats, the innovations in accommodation, service and sales by understanding customer perceptions and demands. True code always stay updated with the market’s emerging trend as well as cultural and behavioural shifts that are changing consumer habits and preferences. And we join the dots to help you see the full picture – not just a postcard or snapshot view.


True Code banking sector research keeps industry run smoothly in a competitive environment, as the banking sector organizations must be prepared to make swift decisions with sensitive information.

Social Development

True Code Social development focuses on improving the well- being of every individual in society so they can reach their full potential. The success of society is linked to the well-being of each and every citizen. True Code provides their support in systematical examination and analysis of social problems, issues or trends, often with the aim of prompting changes.

Public Sector

True Code offer their service in public sector for making them remain updated about the current and future trends in the technological as well as economic field. We provide support to public sector with cost effective strategy

Media and Entertainment

Today in this digitalized market, consumers are ready to spend more money and time for digital products and services. True Code provide support to traditional, digital media as well as entertainment business by offering research services for analyzing and identifying new technological opportunities and to generate new media business ideas.