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True Code Pvt Ltd is a Market Research and Consumer Analytics Company which was established in 2017

With an employee database ranging from Professional researchers to students, True Code maintains a permanent network that focuses on providing reliable data from the field which helps in identifying new business opportunities, undertaking performance analysis of a product or service, knowing market trends, conduct pre- & post-production survey etc. And as we systematically distribute work among our employees our final result consumes less time and is ultimately more accurate when compared to the outcome born out of traditional means. It is through the implementation of technological features like GPS tracking of data collection, device recognition of data collection and a unique program that measures the reliability of data and provides the variation in data that we ensure the authenticity of our data. We offer specialized services for primary research and collection valid data. And depending upon the type of study, objective and hypothesis both quantitative and qualitative data collection services are provided. Being the first of its kind we aim at becoming the one stop solution for all the research needs.

Through our range of services, we are committed to empower enterprises to stay a step ahead always. We can handle any project involving the research, analysis and presentation of data related to your business.

We have been learning and growing year by year and we proudly say our growth is also because of our Valuable customers. Market Research is important for any kind of business be it small scale or large scale.

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True code products

  • Data analysis

    Data Analysis services support companies to collect and analyze data effectively that needed to increase sales and outshine competitors.

  • Brand research

    Any Organizations spend huge sum of money in new logo, advertisement etc and it is important to do a brand research for having a better understanding about customer perception and needs.

  • Web survey analysis

    Modern-day business it is important to assess the feelings, opinions and thoughts of target market where True Code provide their service to analyze the market and identify the opportunities in market as well as in creating strategies to improve customer satisfaction, successful product development etc.

  • Qualitative Research

    Qualitative Research is important because for any organization there always exist some questions unanswered by other techniques which are critical to business such as customer preferences and competitor strategies. Qualitative research fills the missing important data that are critical before making critical management decisions by using specialized techniques like survey, interview, questionnaire etc.

  • Quantitative Research

    Quantitative Research is used to measure business characteristics and compare different alternatives by including index modeling, risk management research, data analysis, market study etc. True Code provide statistical data analysis service by extracting information from surveys, questionnaires, financial statements and other raw data.

  • Market research surveys

    Organizations develop long term strategy not just for offering products and advertising them effectively but it is more about understanding customer demand and developing a product that satisfies their needs and wants. True Code offers Market research survey to learn more about the target market demands and preferences.

  • Primary market research

    True Code offers primary market research service to organizations by including methods like interview, survey, social media monitoring, on-site research, focus group, computer assisted interviewing etc. We have an efficient primary market research system that is built upon permanent research network all over India.

  • Competitive intelligence research

    In today’s dynamic business world, competition increases in unexpected ways and it is important for organization to keep up with constantly changing conditions in markets and competitors. True Code helps to keep up-to-date with trend analysis and detailed profile of new competitors. Competitive Intelligence research service of True Code analysis confidential and sensitive information and provide service to organizations to respond to its competitors in a timely fashion.

  • Market entry strategy consulting

    True Code offers help to organizations by providing specific market knowledge that facilitates planning, development and execution of market entry strategy for expanding the business of organization by entering into new market. True Code readily lend their expertise to helping you network and thrive when you enter into new market.

  • SWOT analysis for business

    True Code provides SWOT analysis for businesses to analyze the internal and external business environment and make strategic decisions by evaluating strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. True Code help companies to analyze and understand SWOT related factors and then make long term strategic decisions based on SWOT findings.

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